Whenever Cherie Eckley retreats to the conifer groves of the Fullerton Arboretum, she's reminded of her childhood in Santa Cruz. She grew up among the redwoods, where hummingbirds buzzed and an ocean breeze blew in each afternoon. It was in those forests that she learned the essence of life — make the most of what you have and above all, protect the source of this towering beauty.

A Love of the Land
Nurturing the land is in her very fiber, in fact, it's in the genes. Her Father was a realtor and property owner in the Santa Cruz Mountains and Cherie still has the Eckley 40-acre parcel in that majestic range. Watching her father buy, sell and maintain property was crucial to her success later in life. When the occasional pipe broke in a rental cabin, Cherie helped him by handing over wrenches. Building equity — with kin and commerce alike — is a lesson she has never forgotten.

In high school, her parents recruited her into the family import company, where her business skills were honed. She hired artisans, negotiated contracts and excelled in sales. Her managerial and marketing talents were leveraged further when the company went nationwide. Cherie mastered the art of presentation at this stage, crafting the story and product benefit to make a powerful impact on clients.

True to her family tradition, Cherie saved every cent she earned and invested in real estate. At 18 she bought a four-bedroom home in Placentia, brought in roommates to lower the overhead and refinanced it to buy condos. Still in her 20s, Cherie next acquired a 14-unit apartment complex, which she managed and maintained herself.

Remarkable Skills, Unmatched Tenacity

This rare combination of experience has created a remarkable skill set that nurtures her real estate career today. Cherie's innate ability to identify and act upon opportunities

in a variety of settings has made her a respected professional. Knowing when to act and now to maximize outcomes allows her to excel as a top performer. Her diligence keeps clients ahead of the market and investment curve so that intelligent choices can be made.

A core attribute she brings to any business relationship is superb customer service. Accomplished in so many ventures, Cherie developed a consultative role with clients, outlining all options before they make a decision. Whether it's a young family, first-time buyer or upwardly mobile professional, Cherie treats every client with the utmost respect.

Competence and Caring
But there’s another side to Cherie as well. She's lived in the Brea/Fullerton area for decades, and she knows its benefits and market trends. She understands that a deep connection to land, family and tradition are inherent in a transaction.

The Ultimate Professional
When buying or selling a home, it's critical to work with a professional who's adept at helping you make the most of every opportunity presented. Call Cherie Eckley today, and be assured that she'll handle the process with supreme competence. Her knowledge, expertise and marketing savy make her The Natural Choice for handling any real estate transaction.


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